Introducing Nancy Roberts, an engaging and entertaining speaker.

Nancy is able to do what many speakers don’t – bring fun and energy to serious topics and subjects. Her talks are filled with personal stories, practical solutions and step-by-step approaches that are immediately applicable to her audiences.

Words participants in her sessions use to describe Nancy the most are authentic, humorous and profound.

Nancy Roberts is Available to Present:

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  • Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Full and Half Day Education Seminars 

Popular Presentations

People Are NOT Your Number One Asset

Only the RIGHT people are an asset. In fact, the wrong people can be a serious liability.
“Success comes from getting the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats,” wrote Jim Collins in “Good to Great.” This sounds simple but as we know is not always easy. So how do we find, hire and keep the “right” people?
In this ground-breaking session, participants will learn:

  • Discover how to reduce the number of “wrong” job applicants just by rewriting your job ad
  • Know who you are hiring BEFORE you hire them
  • When turnover isn’t a problem – “this” usually is and is much more costly to your organization
  • How to keep the reliable, productive people once you’ve hired them!

Engage Employees Without Breaking The Bank

While it’s fair to say that there are some things that every employee wants (fair pay, a supportive boss, etc.) there are some specific drivers to employee performance that most engagement initiatives miss.  This talk will cover:

  • What employees are really motivated by (there are 6 driving passions behind performance that most people aren’t even aware of)
  • How to get the JOB to motivate people – so your managers don’t have to
  • The four most de-motivating words a manager can say to an employee
  • The biggest challenge for HR professionals in building a culture of engagement – and what to do about it
  • How engagement begins before an employee is even recruited or hired

STOP The Workplace Drama

In most workplaces, a good deal of time and effort gets wasted on people second-guessing, complaining and gossiping about each other to third parties.
The problem is drama can make for a very tense environment where it is difficult to do our best work. If you’ve ever dreaded Sunday nights… you’re going to love this presentation.
In this presentation, participants will discover:

  • The #1 secret to dealing with the drama in our workplaces
  • The 4 types of Drama-makers and how to combat them
  • The biggest mistake you can make when dealing with emotional situations
  • The one “mantra” ALL happy, productive and successful people live by that separates them from the rest


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On Speaking

“After bringing back Nancy Roberts for a second time as our Keynote Speaker, we have received nothing but RAVE reviews about her!  Over 97% of the attendees surveyed rated her presentation as ‘Excellent’.”

James Bloomfield, Event Coordinator, Catholic Charities, New York

On Speaking

“Nancy’s seminar “Top 10 Strategies for Success” was exceptional in every way. The content was superb and the delivery…even better! Nancy connects with the audience, provides fantastic information…and inspires everyone in the room to be more…do more…live more! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Jonna L. Martin President, Greater Rochester NAWBO

On Speaking

“We have had Nancy speak at our last four Career Conferences and she is always one of the most popular speakers. Her approach is engaging, the information highly applicable to our customers and her delivery exceptional. I have worked with Nancy on a number of occasions and never hesitate to bring her in as one of our speakers. I highly recommend her as someone who delivers quality information that promotes a good result.”

Ann Marie Walker, www.rochesterworks.org

On Speaking

“You were phenomenal and your compelling message of strategies for business success was right on!  Having been a member of NAWBO since 1998, I’ve heard numerous speakers over the past decade.  You are one of the top two all time great speakers I’ve ever heard at NAWBO in ten years.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring message and wisdom with us today.”

Dorothy J. Madden, IT

On Speaking

“Thanks so much for the amazing presentation tonight at NAWBO. My head was spinning all the way home.”

Beth Sears

On Speaking

“We spoke briefly following the Thursday session. I was the gentleman inquiring about your comment to “take care of yourself”. I really appreciated the time you spent with me & your encouragement. I hope our paths cross again soon. You are indeed a unique, insightful, and knowledgeable colleague.”

Eric Logan

On Speaking

“Thanks once again for your awesome presentation this morning.  You did a great job of getting all your points across in such a limited time frame!  Talk about grace under pressure – lovely job with some great take-aways.  I know what I’ll be thinking about changing for myself in the upcoming days and weeks.”

Rachel MacDonald, HR Manager, Qualitrol Corp., Seattle, WA

On Speaking

“You NANCY ROBERTS are fantastic…I believe you spoke to every woman in that room this morning!   You are down to earth, concise…genuine!”

Theresa Kusak-Smith

On Speaking

“Wow!!! I couldn’t believe an hour had gone by.  I felt like I was visiting with a great friend who knew me so well and was giving me positive advice that would impact me in such powerful ways!!! I’m always amazed at how you “know me” & you totally understand.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR INSIGHT!!!”

Lynn Canby

On Speaking

“By the way, you got some additional excellent feedback from the students in the final course evaluation. Your session was mentioned by a couple students as one of the high points of the course.”

Professor Robert Whipple, Syracuse University

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Nancy Roberts

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