Nancy Roberts has coached and advised hundreds of Business Owners.

Nancy Roberts has coached and advised 100+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Level Executives in her DISC Wizard business since 2002.

She helps her clients look at employees on a deeper level to find out what drives their behavior and performance. Once these hidden motivators are identified, it’s much easier to resolve conflict and get people to make lasting changes that benefit the team and organization.

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“We are a smaller company but have 10 managers who have specific departmental roles in addition to being share holders. Honest and frank communication is critical to being successful. Unfortunately, everyone is often too polite to really dig and resolve issues for fear of hurting each others’ feelings.

What Nancy did to help was to analyze everyone’s behavior, demonstrate how our behaviors can be obstacles to success, and offer tools to overcome our behavioral paralysis. We have been able to be more brief and direct in our dealings with each other because we have developed more trust and faith in each other.

The whole experience was very interesting and continues to be helpful many months later. We are on a single mission with a clearer purpose today.”

~ Scott Reppert, CEO and President, Superior Health Linens, LLC, Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks for the great team session.  Everyone felt there were a few tricks they could use to help with better communication especially during tough conversations.  I personally liked the concept about how we tell ourselves a story and of course embellish it.  From now on it’s “stick to the facts ma’am!”

~ Edward McCauley. President & CEO, United Hospital Services, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

“For the past three years Nancy Roberts has provided us with a variety of services to improve our effectiveness as leaders. From pre-employment assessments to executive coaching services, she has given us great insight into the importance of understanding human behavior.

Some of the clearly identifiable benefits include:

  • Identification of opportunities to improve communication between staff members
  • Emphasis on measurable results
  • Assistance with Succession Planning and delegation of executive responsibilities
  • Objective sounding board for managers and supervisors
  • Training resource

Nancy has become a valuable member of our executive staff. We really value her input.”

~ David Gross, Owner of Gulf Coast Laundry Service, Gulfport, MS


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“Over the years I’ve worked with a number of consultants and have had mixed results. Working with Nancy has felt like a breath of fresh air and in a short period of time, I am seeing significant results from our work together. I feel like the work with Nancy has been invaluable and I am a better leader for having the pleasure to work with her!”

Jason Hammer, VP of Manufacturing, Hammer Packaging, Rochester, NY

On Consulting

“Nancy, you are a very special person, gifted at listening and applying your unique experience, knowledge and wisdom to help others make subtle changes with dramatic positive impact.”

David Kane, Field Business Productivity Specialist, Microsoft Gulf States District

On Consulting

“I worked with Nancy during a period of career transition. The tools and resources that we used to navigate through this were very helpful, but what I found most valuable was Nancy’s knowledge, experience and perspective. She helped me clarify what is truly important to me and why. Her guidance has turned my anxiety toward this process into excitement!”

Julie Cusker, Human Resources Relationship Manager, OppenheimerFunds

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“Thanks for the great team session.  Everyone felt there were a few tricks they could use to help with better communication especially during tough conversations.  I personally liked the concept about how we tell ourselves a story and of course embellish it.  From now on it’s “stick to the facts ma’am!”

Edward McCauley. President & CEO, United Hospital Services, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

On Consulting

“After a couple of frustratingly bad hiring experiences, I knew something needed to change. Partnering with Nancy Roberts and following her approach has paid off dividends!. Nancy helped me to develop a benchmark of traits and characteristics that the best candidates would possess and then helped me to understand how each candidate compared to that benchmark. Using Nancy’s tools, I found someone who matched our benchmark perfectly. Our General Manager, who has been with us over a year, is a great fit for the business and will be here for the long term.”

Johanna Ames, President, Ames Linen Service, Cortland, NY

On Consulting

“At first I was extremely skeptical that Nancy would be able to accurately depict the behaviors of our team members. However, it didn’t take me long to become a believer. She was able to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of our staff which allowed us to place each of them in roles that would benefit our organization; each employee; and most importantly our clients.”

David J. Cecere, Sr. Vice President, Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Batavia, NY

On Consulting

“I’d like to share how one of your profiles was proved to be more effective than a headhunter who sent a General Manager to a client touting a “perfect fit.” … The headhunter was so impressed by your system that he inquired about using it in his service.”

Sam Garofalo, Owner, Technical Consulting, Syracuse, NY

On Consulting

“Given our previous experience of hiring against the information in one of your benchmarks, I’ve now instructed our VP of Sales to pay more than the usual attention to the data we discover in this process. If we had followed that before, we could have saved ourselves six months of frustration, lost productivity and thousands of dollars.”

Chuck Finzer, Former President, Total Identity Group, Rochester, NY

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“We used the DISC Wizard’s hiring process to hire for our Customer Support Trainer position.  Fast-forward one and a half years later, and the two candidates it helped us select are among the top Trainers that we have, and they have fit perfectly into the role.  Now that’s success!”

Dave Finger, VP of Customer Technical Services, Pictometry International Corp., Rochester, NY

On Consulting

“Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I have benefited so much from the last four sessions with you. I know I am benefiting tremendously both professionally and personally by participating in this program. You are such a natural at what you do…not only a great teacher but a wonderful person to be around as well. I am so grateful for this training and for the opportunity to work with you. Everyone here at UniTel thinks you are the greatest. I thank you for your insight, wisdom, and humor.”

Jayne Sullivan, HR Manager, UniTel, Unity, ME

On Consulting

“Once again, Nancy has come up with training that really adds value for me.” He’s genuinely enthusiastic about it. And it could make a huge difference in his personal success. Please give my compliments to Nancy.

Rick Anstey, CEO, Oxford Telecom, Lewiston, ME

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“Your training sessions were very educational and informative. I use what I learned on a daily basis at work, as well as in my personal life. Again, thank you!”

Melinda Holm, Director, Eschelon Telecom, Minneapolis, MN

On Consulting

“Your session was very uplifting and enlightening for me…I haven’t stopped talking about all the things I know about myself that I never knew I knew!”

April Johnson, Office Manager, The Horizon Group, Rochester, NY

On Consulting

“I just wanted to say thanks for our last session. I learned a lot about myself during each session but the last one was the most impacting. So basically, I just wanted to say thanks. This program, I’m sure, will help us all do our jobs better.”

Jennifer Feiock, Coach, Frontier Communications, Rochester, NY

On Consulting

“We did indeed offer the supervisor position to the employee we assessed last month and she is doing a great job. She’s also much happier in this new position…it’s a much better fit for her. Not only has she commented on this, but many other co-workers have even passed along great compliments. So…you could say it’s going very well! We really appreciate your insight and help in making this decision. Thanks again for your help.”

Andrea L. Holland, Operations Manager, ExecuScribe, Inc., Rochester, NY

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